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Dainty Infatuations

I got myself another Fashion 21 lipstick. I felt satisfied with the one I bought last time which was their Little Mermaid shade. I figured I’d try one of their lighter shades. I got this Arctic Stone one. It’s a nice nude color. I just like the quality of this lipstick’s formula. It feels moisturizing and smooth to apply.
I learned something recently which made this color prettier. What I’d do is I’d apply a nice layer of the Little Mermaid, then I apply the Arctic Stone on top which creates a peachy nude color. it’s a perfect color to wear on your lips if you’re wearing darker eye makeup, or if you just wanna have a bit of a toned down but elegant look. :)


So there was this new donut shop that opened near my place. Please excuse me for being silly and trying to look like their cute logo. XD

Haha… I love that you were both smiling widely and with your heads tilted. :D This is my favorite picture of you by far. ^_^

Oh yeah, it was our monthsary on July 7th. :D 

This is my new favorite blush by Aido. I bought it at a Fashion 21 stand in SM mall, BF Paranaque. They have two shades, and I got the pinker one. I got this for only 75 Php .

It leaves your cheeks glowing when you apply it. The color is not too strong, so it won’t be a problem if you put too much. I tend to pile on my blush too much sometimes, so this is perfect for me. It has 10g of product in it, so I think this will last me a long time.

The packaging is your typical kind of powdered cosmetic container. I rubbed off the packaging name with a piece of tissue and some alcohol because it’s just gonna fade off eventually anyways. The puff that it comes with is so cute, but I find that the product doesn’t apply very well when you use that. I suggest you use a brush to get the best result.   

This is the lipstick I’ve been loving this month. It’s a coral colored lipstick by Fashion 21. It’s one of their Aqualicious lipstick line. I got it for only 175 Php. I love the name of this color so much. It totally got my attention. I wasn’t really planning on buying a lipstick that day, but then a woman started asking the sales lady for the “Little Mermaid” one. I just had to have it! 

This lipstick applies on the lips very nicely. It feels very smooth and moisturizing. It said on the box that it has vitamin E, so I’m guessing that’s a good thing. The light blue packaging is cute, but I just rubbed the silver packaging names off with a piece of tissue and some alcohol, because I know it was just gonna get scratched off or faded away eventually anyways. I just don’t like it when that happens. You later on just end up having a few letters left on your packaging. I think it looks better in plain light blue. Let’s keep it cute, simple, and clean, Fashion 21!

I’d definitely repurchase this. I would love to try their other colors soon. For a cheap brand of lipstick, it’s totally not so bad. I wasn’t such a lipstick girl before, but I think Fashion 21 is turning me into one. :)

This is my new favorite press powder. It’s Maybelline’s Clear Smooth BB silk poreless white skin transforming cake powder. I got mine in the shade 04 Honey.

Can someone please explain to me why they call it cake? Cus the thought of putting cake on my face is just… It just makes me feel hungry. Anyway, this stuff is the bomb. It has a light to medium coverage. It hides my pimple scars well enough, and it doesn’t have any nasty smell to it.

The packaging is pretty. Honestly, the packaging is what sold me into buying it. It’s purple and shiny. The top cover looks like an extra mirror. So if you’re too darn lazy to open it up to check your face in the mirror inside, you can just check your face on the top cover. You’d look purple though. 

If you’re a filipino girl who just wants to get a makeup look done without spending too much money, then I think this Nichido eyeshadow palette is for you. I bought this for only 100 Php earlier this month. It comes with a free eyebrow liner in a dark brown color. 

These eyeshadows may not be the most pigmented ones you can get out there, but they are good enough for makeup beginners like me. I mostly use the more neutral colors in the palette. The two blushes that are included in the palette are quite strong. This will definitely last you for a long time as you may not need to use too much of it every time. As for the free eyebrow liner, I’ve been loving it. I use it everyday. I would definitely repurchase it. It glides on the brows nicely. It’s so easy to just bring around in your bag. You don’t need a sharpener because it’s one of those twist up things. 

Nichido products are very affordable, and you can find them in any SM malls or other malls in the Philippines. This is a perfect starter makeup for someone like me who’s just started playing around with makeup. ^_^

Woooooooooo~~~ What a pleasant surprise! Thank you, Khush Crochet! ^_^

Every time I try to read a book, this cat tries to get in my way. (>’.’<) He cute tho!

I’ve been loving my new pink Khush turban which my dad bought for me this past Sunday at Robinsons Mall, Manila. I used to wear a black one before, but this is just so perfect. I like wearing these stuff because they keep my hair away from my face, but I can still keep my very long hair down. 

Here’s a link to their Facebook page—> https://www.facebook.com/pages/Khush-Crochet/319463494731010

Today’s makeup game is purple! Yaas!!! I had been working on this the whole afternoon, cuz your girl be bored. lol 

Along with my eyeliner from e.l.f., I bought this mascara from lol cosmetics. I didn’t wear mascaras so much before, because I’m a cry baby, and we all know what happens to mascaras when you cry. Well, since I really wanna have the illusion of having longer lashes, I decided to make a compromise. This cheap mascara is good. Well… It’s probably good for mascara beginners like me. It also claims to be waterproof, but I don’t think so. It got a bit messy once when I was watching something emotional on the internet. lol

If you know me, you’d know that I love my liquid eyeliner. I decided to try this one by e.l.f.. I bought this just last month. The saleslady told me that it’s waterproof, and on the packaging it says that it’s smudge proof. A few minutes later of having it on, the thing got all smudgy. This product is not true to its claims, but I still use it, cuz I’ve already bought it. I’m not one to waste money. The trick is to not get it too close to your crease.

Here’s my “Frozen” inspired makeup for today. :) Let it go~ Let it go~ 

One of my best friends’ wedding is coming up next month, and I’m excited for her. I believe her theme is pastel colors, so of course I chose pink. This is a preview of how it’s gonna look like. I don’t wanna wear it yet. I’ll post a picture of me wearing it at her wedding.  Yeay! It had been a long time since I last bought a dress. I’ve just been feeling so bored with dresses. It’s just such a drag choosing the right ones and trying them on. I would feel bad if nothing would fit well. Today, I was like. “I am plus size, and I’m gonna rock plus size!”

I like things that make me smile. I'm easily fascinated with certain simple things in life. I like art, makeup, food, conversations with friends, Youtube... And I might find more things I'll like in the future.

I appreciate this simple but beautiful life that God gave me, and I like sharing about some things that I get from it. ^_^

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